A vocational evaluation is a service that is designed to assist in the exploration of an individual’s career interests, determine aptitudes and skills, and ultimately develop a path for career plans. A vocational Evaluation is an individualized, systematic process by which a person seeking employment learns to develop and identify employment goals. The Vocational Evaluation is done by conducting work as the focal point for the assessment. In addition, the assessment incorporates medical, psychological, social, cultural, and economic information to assist individuals in developing their vocational pursuits.

Vocational evaluations help individuals who are changing careers, returning to work, or entering work for the first time to determine their best career options. Using a team approach, participants work with evaluators, counselors, and instructors to determine specific career interests and are provided testing, skills assessment, and career guidance. Evaluation services are time limited and focus on an individual’s strength’s, aptitude skills, interests, experience, and any barriers to employment.

Goals of vocational evaluation include

  • Identify areas of employment and/or training for which an individual is best suited
  • Identify any need for additional support services and locate specific providers
  • Develop realistic vocational goals and options for reaching these goals
  • Determine areas of vocational strength and areas in need of improvement

Evaluation Methods Used

  • Standardized Testing – uses paper and pencil tests to identify various traits and attributes of an individual
  • Vocational interest Screening – self report measures are used to assess an individual’s level of interest in various occupations and work fields
  • Situational Assessment – involves the observation, recording and interpretation of work-related behaviors while the individual is in a work setting by obtaining the input of the work instructor

Specific Instruments Used in the Evaluation Process

Learning / Working Styles Inventory

WRAT 5 Tests of Reading, Spelling, and Arithmetic

PTI – Test of Oral Directions

CITE Learning Styles Inventory       

Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test

Career Scope Interest Inventory

Perdue Peg Board test of Dexterity

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