Every month, we will be highlighting one of our wonderful community partners! Our goal is to highlight the history of their organizations, and showcase just how much each of them mean to us here at WRC! You can read about each of our partners down below, or you can view each of them on our social media pages!

Dunbarton Corporation is one of WRC’s longest standing community partnerships and where we have seen a lot of growth over the years! Dunbarton produces and delivers quality metal frames and doors while also providing excellent customer care. With over 60 years of experience, we’re proud to have found such a wonderful partnership with them! Dunbarton uses only American-made resources and manufacturing from Dothan, Alabama and Camden, Tennessee. In 1954, the company began production on the first steel bifold closed door, based on an original design. Today, Dunbarton manufactures three building product lines: Redi-Frame Prefinished Door Frames, Slim-Fold Closet Systems, and Achiever Entry Systems. What’s awesome about Dunbarton Corporation is that their production is located right here in Dothan, Alabama! They’re supported by a nationwide network of distributors and a satellite facility in Camden, Tennessee!

At WRC, we have a Dunbarton department where employees assemble manufactured parts to make a complete and packaged product per each customer’s specifications. Each employee’s workstation is retrofitted to accommodate each employee’s individual needs! In 2023, the employees in WRC’s Dunbarton division produced over 507,000 hardware bags and over 150,000 pieces of bi-fold track for the sliding door industry. 

A Real Life Success Story: This past year, we had a woman who was referred to us by one of our community partners to work with us in our Work Services division. She had recently suffered from an ischemic stroke causing her to lose mobility on the right side of her body. This limited her ability to work and her locations to work at. Upon further evaluation, we decided to place her in our Dunbarton department. Our Dunbarton department is one of our most accommodating departments as the majority of the workstations can be modified to fit the employee’s physical and mental abilities. For this specific case, the workstation can be maneuvered using your left foot instead of the standard hand controls. Not only is her workstation customized to her specific needs, but her schedule is accommodated by reduced hours due to supplemental income through social security. At her workstation, she primarily focuses on placing a metal rod into a plastic cap using a pneumatic drill-press. Once she’s finished at her station, the assembly line will package all of the materials together!

We cannot thank Dunbarton Corporation enough for helping us to employ individuals with disabilities while also helping us to show just what a difference a job makes!

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