Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center will provide you with any special or general purpose pallet you may need for your business at the most economical price, with lasting durability. WRC uses software that allows our team to custom design exactly the right pallet for your specific job. The software looks at a variety of design alternatives to best suit your organization’s needs. We detail the specifications and drawings of each pallet we design, giving you superior performance at the best possible price. We can make to order or keep inventory on hand for just-in-time delivery. Our mission is to be synonymous with service, quality and customer satisfaction.

Pricing for hardwood and pine pallets is dependant on the current market price of pallet lumber.

Key Benefits

  • Just-In-Time delivery
  • Hardwood or softwood
  • Authorized vendor for your overseas shipping needs
  • Specialty Pallets
  • On-site storage space available
  • Tractor trailer delivery and pickup available within 100 mile radius of Dothan AL.
  • Tractor trailer on and off loading capable.
  • Forklift and moving equipment off loads and loads your materials at our site, quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.
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