In 1958, a group of concerned citizens and public service organizations set out to change the world. Their goal was simpleā€“to furnish every person who wanted to work, regardless of their limitations, a fair opportunity to earn a living. Almost fifty years later, the results of that fateful decision can be seen and felt throughout the region.

Since it began, Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center has made a difference, whether it is seen in the lives of the individuals they train, the bottom lines of the companies they serve or the perceptions they change forever. Through hard work, determination and, in no small part, the dedication of those directly affected, Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center has transformed people.

Along the way, and perhaps more importantly, they have also forced us to reexamine our concept of the Will to Work, and how very special it is. They face each new day as they have for nearly five decades, striving to create a better, more tolerant, more accepting environment in which we can all work together.

With any luck, we will all see the day where we no longer define a person by what they cannot do, but, instead, by the goals they attain and the heights to which they soar.

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