WRC’s Industrial Services Division offers turnkey solutions for companies of every size. Assembly, disassembly, packaging and collating services are offered to meet the needs of area businesses and industries. Our staff will combine manufactured parts to make a complete packaged product per each customer’s specifications. Some examples of services WRC is currently providing are: currently packaging approximately 1,000,000 pounds per year of fiber for the concrete industry. WRC also assembles roughly 5000 bags of hardware each week for the window and door industry. We also provide services for local printing companies meeting their collating, assembling and stapling brochures and mail-out needs. Prices for each of our services are based on a per piece basis which guarantees the customer a low stable cost. If you are lacking in manpower, time or space let WRC help.

Key Benefits

  • Decreased labor cost/free up your manpower
  • In time delivery
  • Guaranteed Quality work
  • On-site storage space available
  • WRC can provide the pallets and or containers for shipping
  • Tractor trailer delivery and pickup available within 100 mile radius of Dothan AL.
  • Facility tractor trailer on and off loading capable.
  • Forklift and moving equipment off loads and loads your materials at our site, quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.
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