Program Services

The Division of Programs and Services works with individuals with disabilities in many different capacities in the community.  The programs and services that are offered center around preparing individuals through a rehabilitative process to become trained, prepared, and productive in the working world.

Services Offered

Community Employment Services (CES)

The program provides one-on-one work-skills assessments, job search support, job placement, on-the job training, job coaching and follow-up services in community workplaces.

This program serves individuals who want to pursue competitive, integrated community employment. Job coach involvement gradually fades as the individual learns the position and both the employer and individual are satisfied with job performance.

The goals of this program include assessing an individual’s employment ambitions, skills and abilities. Our person-centered employment plans are heavily weighed on strength and desire rather than weaknesses. Additional goals include placing individuals in competitive integrated jobs, provide support to ensure each job is maintained and the placement is successful, offer on-the-job training to employees and employers as needed. Supported Employment is a service that is provided to those individuals with more significant disabilities.  During the process an Employment Specialist/Job Coach will be more involved on the day-to-day process of an individual providing job coaching that lasts longer than the normal community employment.

Other services offered include the following:

  1. Vocational Evaluations
  2. On the Job Sampling
  3. Pre-Employment Transitions Services (High School aged students)

What is the criteria for entry:

  1. Must have a vocational disability which may limit employment.
  2. Fee sponsored
  3. Capable of self-care or attendant provided.
  4. Unemployed or underemployed.
  5. Voluntary agreement to participate.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Job Accommodation Network
America’s Job Bank

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